Termeni și condiții

Mind Essence makes all efforts to maintain an informative, useful and safe website for its public. These efforts include, but are not limited to: guarantee of the personal data submitted on the website with the purpose to ask for a therapy session, to register for the newsletter or by attending an online therapy session over Skype.

The physical office (see the “Contact” section for the address), as well as the virtual one (site, Skype) are licensed by the Romanian Council of Psychologists and benefit from a civil insurance policy against malpraxis.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and make sure you agree with them. This website cannot offer a useful level of the requested services without them.


Terms for using this website

This website, as well as all the materials that are at users’ disposal cannot replace the specialized psychological and psychotherapeutic support. The purpose of the articles is to present information and points of view, in a more or less literary form. Mind Essence declines any implicit and explicit responsibility about the suitability and applicability of the content of this website to the specific issues of every client. Reading the articles and applying the tests does not represent self-therapy and the effects of a potential self-treatment relying solely on the information included in this website are beyond the responsibility of Mind Essence.


The Context of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy implies the organization and unfolding of individual / couple / group working sessions, with the purpose of ameliorating / remitting the current symptoms and improving client’s quality of life. The entire process is conducted by taking into account the European and Romanian psychotherapy norms and the formation standards requested by the Wiesbaden Institute for Positive Psychotherapy and the Romanian Council of Psychologists.

The psychotherapist:

  • commits to obey to the Deontological Code of the psychologist with the right to practice his profession in private practice;
  • will negotiate the place, the date, the frequency and the time of the working meetings with his client;
  • will negotiate the cost of the sessions and the way the client is paying for these, based on the legal regulations;
  • will conduct his practice based on his competences and the type of professional credentials legally obtained.

The Client:

  • is aware that his participation at the therapy sessions is useful for his own intention of solving / ameliorating the problematic situations for which he has requested professional support;
  • participates regularly to the meetings with his therapist; in case he cannot attend the scheduled meeting, he is obliged to let his therapist know about his unavailability at least two hours in advance of the scheduled session; if not, he will pay the missed session.
  • respects the working recommendations of his therapist, that will act exclusively to his client’s benefit;
  • when necessary, the client will undergo medical checks with specialists (psychiatrists, neurologists, cardiologists, dermatologists etc.), following the recommendation of the psychotherapist;
  • will not, during therapy, pursue any attempt to physically harm himself (suicide, self-mutilation etc.) or other people;
  • understands and observes the limits of the therapeutic relationship, that will end once the therapy finishes. Both the client and the therapist shall not have any other type of relationship (romantic, physical, business etc.) during, as well as after minimum two years after the closure of the therapy;
  • has to let his therapist know the disorders and the illnesses that have preceded therapy. Failing to inform the therapist about these pathological factors will absolve the therapist of any responsibilities undergoing the client not following the indications and counter-indications of the therapy process.


Copyrighted material

The content of this website, as well as all the materials under sections such as ”About me”, ”What is Mind Essence”, together with the articles published, represent the original conception of their author. Any sharing, printing or copying of these materials, either partially or fragmented, without fully citing their author and the source, represent an infringement of the copyright and will be sanctioned accordingly

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Links to other websites

This site includes, under ”Useful Links”, a series of suggested readings from other websites. Mind Essence will regularly follow the updates from these websites, but will not be held responsible either for their content or for the subsequent changes to the already posted information.