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Psychotherapy is a mix of science and art. Its forms are unique, as well as the ways in which every client pursuits his or her own objective in therapy and in life.

Sometimes, people feel more at ease in individual therapy, that can provide maximum customization to the flow of the session, according to one’s own needs. The rhythm, the content and the level of interaction have a high degree of flexibility.

Some other times, people might consider they need the interaction with the others more; they need a place where they can be together with other people with the same challenges and preoccupations. . Sometimes, people might feel the need to talk less and learn from the experiences of others.

Each of us chooses the therapy they feel most appropriate in a specific moment of our lives. The therapist will advise you on the most suitable form of intervention; below are some examples.

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Individual counseling and therapy

  • “My problem is only my problem.”;
  • “I don’t know what is my objective, what I want to achieve.”;
  • “I just want to be clear in front of myself.”;
  • “I want to hide my problem from the people around and the close ones, for the moment.”;
  • “I just want to clarify my problem to myself and only afterwards I will be able to interact with the others.”;
  • “I am ashamed of my problem.”;
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Couples counseling and therapy

  • “We do not get along so well anymore.”;
  • “We have not made love for a long time.”;
  • “S/he has someone else.”;
  • “We stopped communicating.”;
  • “We have to break up.”;
  • “We don’t have time for ourselves since the kids were born.”;
  • “How can we know if it’s good to get married and stay together for the whole of our lives?”;
  • “I am in love with someone else.”;
  • “We want to give our relationship one more chance.”;
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Family counseling and therapy

  • “We do not get along with our kids anymore.”;
  • “My 7 year old child is wetting his bed.”;
  • “Our adolescent girl is not listening to us anymore.”;
  • “My husband’s family and I do not talk for years.”;
  • “My son is violent.”;
  • “My partner’s child does not accept me.”;
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Personal development groups

  • “I wonder how other introvert people manage their lives?”;
  • “How many people with low self-esteem are there?”;
  • “How can I organize my schedule better and have more time for the things I like?”;
  • “I want to be more creative.”;
  • “How can I manage stress and change better?”;
  • “How do people love?”;
  • “How can I better find out what psychological games do people play?”;
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Support groups

  • “I don’t like my body.”;
  • “It’s very hard to be a single mother.”;
  • “I eat too much.”;
  • “Are there other women beaten by their husbands?”;
  • “I cannot quit smoking.”;
  • “I drink too much.”;
  • “How do other shy people face daily challenges?”;
  • “I cannot find a life partner.”;
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Your needs

The above are just examples. If the topic of your problem is not on the list, please contact me either directly, using the coordinates in the Contact page of the site or using the Ask a quote form on the first page.

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